Love education. Love the future.

The message is simple, isn't it?

Vocademia is a London based limited company with a social mission to create solutions that bridge vocational, professional and academic obstacles for employers or society.  

Vocademia = Vocational + Academia

Too often our greatest obstacle, in spite of our greatest ideas, is our mindset.

Vocademia was set up to address practical education problems with bespoke teams of associate consultants, experts, practitioners and business development professionals to:

*Facilitate global engagement

*Build and manage international partnerships

*Lead projects, teams or organisations to grow businesses

*Deliver education research, development and innovation initiatives

*Startup and lead education or EdTech businesses

Contact us to talk about how we can help you shape solutions for the people and organisations you love. We believe in value driven solutions because education is everyone's business.

Mark Stuart Woodcock

Founder & Executive Director

Value driven solutions because

education is everyone's business


Our 3 values are simple.

  • Love
  • Trust
  • Honour

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