In 2017, Richard Hunt co-founded Vocademia Languages, a specialist consultancy with ELT expertise to create and develop applied language learning solutions with the sole mission to enhance professional and education value.  He is a Cambridge University alumnus with c. 20 years private, charity and public sector experience in the UK, Russia and India.

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Value driven solutions because

education is everyone's business

With the same values of love, trust and honour, Vocademia Languages focuses specifically on two areas of development to create business value for your organisation and your learners:

1. International L&D project management for 6-12 months

2. Create programmes quickly by building teams and transferring know-how in 3-12 months

Vocademia Languages specialises in learning solutions that are tailored to your organisation such as:

*Advisory services for corporate and academic institutions

*Implementing country-, region-, or city-wide quality assured English language training systems

*Seeking social enterprise or venture capital funding for the project management of large scale online English Language training systems for developing economies

*Advising and providing board-level consultation on effective English language, communication skills and training strategies

*Developing innovative online applications for Academic English or Business English solutions

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